HEMA Everclean Fluoride Toothpaste (HEMA)

HEMA toothpasteOne thing that takes some time when you decide to go vegan is finding non-food items, and especially make-up and toiletries, to replace old items that contain animal ingredients or that come from companies that test on animals. It’s a process that is not as straightforward as shopping for food for a number of reasons (not knowing the animal testing stance of companies, ingredients being less recognizable, etc.). Because of this, a lot of people end up seeking out toothpaste and other self-care products that are specifically aimed at the vegan market and that are sold at health-food stores and vegan specialty stores. Nothing wrong with this, of course, and there are some really nice make-up and self-care brands to be found on that end of the market. But sometimes, you just want to be able to run out and buy a tube of toothpaste someplace convenient, know it tastes good, contains fluoride (which not all health-food brands do), and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

So I was excited to discover that this HEMA brand toothpaste fits that bill! It’s cheap, easy to find, is not tested on animals (HEMA doesn’t do any animal testing and doesn’t sell in China), and contains no animal ingredients. It tastes good, and contains fluoride. That’s pretty much all I need in a toothpaste!

This should be available at all HEMA stores.

2 thoughts on “HEMA Everclean Fluoride Toothpaste (HEMA)

  1. Richard says:

    Interesting blog, thanks. I wish I had known about it before my last trip to Belgium. There’s always next time, though.

    Cheers, Richard


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