Succès du Jour Filled Waffles (Colruyt)

gevulde-wafelsMr. VSiB always keeps his eyes out for new (to me) vegan products I might miss while shopping, and recently, after a trip to the Colruyt, he came back with this huge box of filled waffles! Not only are they 100% plant based, they’re made in Belgium!

I was intrigued. I’d seen these kind of waffles before but they had always been non-vegan. Having lived in the Netherlands, I was familiar with stroopwafels, but Mr. VSiB told me that filled waffles were a different beast. So I was excited to be able to try a vegan version!

What can I say? These are soooooooo good! I’m a little embarrassed to admit how quickly I went through this rather large box of waffles. They are indeed different to stroopwafels. These are softer, with a layer of fine vanilla sugar inside. (According to the company’s website, they also make a brown sugar variant, but I’ve yet to run across that.)

So far, the only place I’ve found these has been at the Colruyt, but I’ll be keeping my eyes open in other stores.

One thought on “Succès du Jour Filled Waffles (Colruyt)

  1. Stéphanie B. says:

    ik hoop echt ooit een vegan versie van honingwafeltjes tegen te komen, vroeger at ik die echt graag. maar het is zo lastig om een vegan variant tegen te komen. tot nu toe nog niet gelukt. maar met jouw ontdekking nu, ben ik wel hoopvol ^^


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