Bio-Bandits Egg-Free Mayo (Albert Heijn)

biobandits-egg-free-mayoFor a while now, I’ve been jealous of our neighbors to the north who have had the luck of having an accidentally-vegan mayo (Remia Mayolijn) available to them in supermarkets. Recently, Belgian sauce company La William started producing a vegan sauce called Mayella that was available in supermarkets during the summer (although I’ve heard of sightings later in the year too) but this was more dressing-like and less mayo-like in its texture.

So I was excited to hear that these little jars of egg-free mayo were being sold in Albert Heijn supermarkets both in the Netherlands and Belgium. On a recent trip to Antwerp to visit my friend Hanne, we stopped at the AH to check out the situation. It took a bit of searching to find these, as they’re not near the other mayos, but instead are in the “free-from”/”natural foods” section.

We tried them almost immediately on burgers, but it wasn’t until last night that I had a chance to try them in the make-or-break situation of having them with fries. The verdict? The texture is good, and holds up well to dipping, but to me, they taste quite strongly of sunflower oil, which I find detracts a bit from my enjoyment of them. Also, the chili mayo definitely doesn’t taste very strongly of chili at all, and it would probably make more sense to just buy the plain one and add your own chili sauce to taste. (I love mixing my mayo with Sriracha!) I’ll probably stick with my favorites: Bio-Keuken Veganaise or Follow Your Heart Vegenaise, both of which are easier for me to get ahold of either locally or online. (There aren’t any Albert Heijns near me, much to my chagrin.) But if you have easy access to an Albert Heijn, I would definitely recommend giving these a try.

As far as I know, AH is the only place you can find these at the moment.

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