Fruit Bowl Peelers

fruitbowl-peelersThe Carrefour Express near the station has a wall of gummy candies and sometimes when I have a few minutes to kill before my train, I’ll browse the ingredient lists on the packages there in the hopes of stumbling upon an accidentally vegan candy. I’m usually disappointed, but one day, I noticed these promising-looking packages tucked in between all the others and was pleased to discover that my initial impression was correct. Not only are these vegan, but they’re also free of added sugars and gluten free. They’re basically made from just fruit and pectin.

So what are they like? They’re basically strands of pressed, dehydrated fruit purée bundled together to form a type of rope, from which you can peel and eat the individual strands. Excuse the non-vegan comparison, but in terms of experience (not taste) they’re reminiscent of string cheese. In terms of taste, they’re very intensely fruity, not overly sweet, but very flavorful, and the texture is firm and a bit sticky but not chewy. For the North Americans out there, I can best describe them as being like the love-child of Twizzlers and Fruit Roll Ups.

I found these two flavors at the Carrefour express, and soon after that I found a third flavor – black currant (not pictured) – at the Kruidvat. So they might be available at other supermarkets and drug stores.

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