Strawberry Cheesecake Oreos (Limited Edition)

oreo-strawberry-cheesecakeAs many of you know, the US is blessed with a large variety of vegan Oreo flavors that aren’t available in European supermarkets (although you can often find them for a steep price at specialty import stores). Recently, European Oreo manufacturers seem to be trying to introduce new varieties in the form of special limited-edition flavors. Earlier this year they introduced limited edition Peanut Butter Oreos, which to my dismay were NOT VEGAN. 😦 (The Peanut Butter Oreos from the US are vegan and are one of my favorite flavors.)

So I was super excited to find out that their newest limited-edition flavor – Strawberry Cheesecake Oreos – are vegan! I immediately bought four packs on finding them on the shelf at the Colruyt. These are good. The strawberry scent hits you the moment you open the package, and even Mr. VSiB (who is not generally an Oreo fan) liked these.

I’m not sure how long these will be available. Considering that I still see the Peanut Butter ones occasionally on the shelf, I would think these should stick around for at least a few months. But you would not go amiss stocking up on these before they disappear.

I found these at the Colruyt, but I suspect they’re available at most any store where you can find Oreos.

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