Garden Gourmet Schnitzel


Update: It looks like this product is not vegan anymore. Garden Gourmet/Tivall has started adding egg to again. If you are as disappointed by this development as I am, please consider contacting the company and letting them know.

Well, there’s been good news and bad news in veganland recently. The bad news is that Colruyt have changed suppliers for their Boni Veggie frozen products and at least two of them (the Burgers and the Schnitzels) are now no longer vegan. The good news is that Garden Gourmet has added Schnitzels to their vegan line of products.

Earlier this year, they had rolled out vegan burgers, vegan nuggets, and vegan “meatballs”, and while I’d heard from people in the Netherlands and Germany that there was also vegan schnitzel, I hadn’t yet run across that particular product in any stores in Belgium. Until about a month ago, when it suddenly appeared in the veggie product area of the Delhaize.
Like the rest of their vegan products, these were really good! I pan fried one, and it browned up really nicely (well, I burnt one side, but that was entirely down to my being distracted), and in a fit of laziness, actually microwaved the other one. It was tasty either way (although of course, it wasn’t as crispy from the microwave), and definitely a worthy addition to their product line!

You can find Garden Gourmet products at the Delhaize and the Colruyt, although I’ve yet to see the schnitzel at the Colruyt. You can also find them under the name Tivall at the Albert Heijn.

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