La William Mayella (Colruyt)

la william mayellaEver since Dutch vegans started getting their hands on an accidentally-vegan mayo in the Netherlands, I’ve been hoping against hope that we’d get something similar here. I kept picking up reduced-calorie mayonnaise from different brands and checking their ingredient lists with no success. Then last week in the Colruyt, Mr. VSiB happened to check this little bottle of Mayella from La William at the BBQ display, and lo and behold! Accidentally vegan!!

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. In the bottle, it seemed a lot more fluid than normal mayo, and in use, that first impression was confirmed. I tried it with fries, and while it sticks to the fries, it doesn’t hold a peak like other mayos and tends to form a puddle on your plate. It definitely seems more suited for, say, salads, and I did try it on a salad, where it was more successful than on the friet. I’ve tried the Remia Mayolijn (friends from NL brought it once) which I’ve found overly sweet, and this Mayella comes closer to the slightly sour flavor profile of Belgian mayo, but it’s still a tad sweeter than Bio-Keuken Veganaise. I think I prefer the Veganaise over this both in terms of flavor and texture, but it’s nice that there’s now an accidentally-vegan mayo option in the supermarket! That’s assuming that this stays in their selection. I couldn’t find this product on the La William website, so it may be just a summer special edition product.

So far, I’ve only seen this at the Colruyt in their summer BBQ product section.

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