Terra Vegane Mac & Cheez

Terra vegane mac & cheezI recently placed my first order from Shavt in Leuven (highly recommended!) and couldn’t wait to try out a bunch of new-to-me products that I saw there. One of the ones I was most excited to try was this boxed (bagged) Mac & Cheez from Terra Vegane. I like making my own sometimes – I used a modified version of this recipe (warning: video) – but having grown up with Kraft Mac & Cheese, I have been on the hunt for a similar easy-peasy boxed M&C experience.

Not surprisingly, there’s a lot more choice in boxed vegan Mac & Cheese/Cheez/Cheeze in North American than there is here in Europe, so when I’ve been able to get ahold of American/Canadian brands (including Road’s End and Daiya), I’ve tried them out. They’ve all been edible, although not as good as the version I make, and they really don’t replicate the Kraft experience I remember from my youth. So I wasn’t really expecting much from this brand either. But to my surprise, this is REALLY good. I mean really really good! Of course, it’ll never taste like the stuff I grew up with, but of all the boxed Mac & Cheeses I’ve tried since going vegan, this one comes the closest, both in terms of flavor and ease of preparation. I will definitely be ordering this again! (If you want to see what it looks like prepared, check out Seitan is My Motor’s photo on FB!)

So far I’ve only run across this brand at Shavt, but keep an eye out for it at other vegan specialty stores and possibly health-food stores.

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