GranoVita Vegane Feine Bratwurst

granovita vegan bratwurstGranoVita has a number of vegetarian-but-not-vegan sausages and the health food store nearest me tends to stock those most of the time. Each and every time, I’ll check the ingredients just in case there’s a vegan one hiding in there, and most times I’m disappointed. But every once in a while, there’ll be these vegan bratwust sitting there in the fridge, smiling down at me, and when it happened recently, I knew I had to buy them before they disappeared.

These come individually wrapped in a plastic casing. After cutting them out of the casings, I grilled these up in a pan in some olive oil. The outer layer forms a really nice crispy crust. I have on occasion had vegan sausages that were tough one the outside once you browned them in the pan, but these were still easy to cut through. These sausages are tofu based rather than seitan based and the texture reflects that. They have a very smooth, fine consistency that’s not necessarily as “meaty” as seitan, but is still quite pleasant. They’re nicely flavored and work well dipped in ketchup and a bit of Veganaise.

I’ve only ever seen these at the health food store.


2 thoughts on “GranoVita Vegane Feine Bratwurst

  1. Irene S says:

    Hello fellow vegan, I have moved to Belgium fairly recently and soon discovered that I cannot find as many things to eat like in other European countries… I would like to where did you find these sausages??? I have been craving a hot-dog for the past week and sadly couldn’t find it anywhere. Only vegetarian options…


    • sporkbill says:

      Hello Irene! Your best bet to find these would be in a health food store. The vegan meat options in supermarkets is getting better, but unfortunately, until now I’ve only ever found sausages like this in health food stores. If you can’t find this particular brand, Hobbit and Taifun brands (also available at health food stores) also make vegan sausages. 🙂


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