Ola Swedish Glace

ola swedish glaceSummer is breaking through and it’s finally ice-cream weather. And as luck would have it, there’s a new vegan ice-cream available in Belgium! Ola has produced a vegan, soy-based Swedish Glace, available in vanilla and raspberry flavors.

The funny thing is, Ola actually approached me a few months ago, asking if they could send me a sample of this product for review, but then never did. I got tired of waiting and after the third time of walking by this in the supermarket freezer, I finally just bought it. I decided to go for the “Delightful Raspberry” flavor, as there’s already a vegan vanilla ice-cream available in Belgian supermarkets.

Well, it’s lovely! It’s creamy, but also really light. The ice cream itself has a sweet raspberry flavor to it, but there’s also a slightly more tart raspberry-flavored vein running through it giving it a pleasant contrast. I will definitely be buying this again, and am looking forward to trying the vanilla (to be dressed with some chocolate or caramel toppings). And I hope they bring more flavors to Belgium. (Apparently, there are several flavors available in the UK.)

I found this at Colruyt, but Ola informed me that they are also selling it at the Makro, Cora, Match, and Smatch.


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