Knorr Cup-a-Soup Vegetables

Knorr veggie cup a soupKnorr comes through again. I’ve had a hard time finding vegan instant soup in the supermarket, as even ones that seem like they should be vegan – like tomato soup – end up having lactose and/or milk protein in them. Finally, after reading the ingredient lists on umpteen packages, one accidentally vegan flavor stood out: Knorr’s Cup-a-Soup Vegetable soup (Groenten/Légumes). Like the two Knorr Soup Idee flavors I posted about before, this one also has the certification mark of the European Vegetarian Union on the back, so the aroma shouldn’t contain any meat (and if it contained egg or dairy, that would have to be indicated for allergy reasons).

What can I say about this? It tastes like what I remember instant vegetable soup tasting like. Salty, savory, warm. It’s nothing like homemade soup, but it’s a good, fast, convenient item to have in your arsenal! It’s the type of thing I could see myself eating with a peanut butter sandwich when I’m not feeling well and just want something warm to eat, or when it’s cold and rainy out (so pretty often).

Although Knorr is a name-brand, and theoretically this should be available at most supermarkets, I’ve only found this at Colruyt so far, and I don’t see it on the website of a number of other supermarkets I’ve checked.

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