Heinz Jalapeno Chilli Ketchup (Colruyt)

heinz jalapeno ketchupA week or so ago, I posted about an artisinal beetroot ketchup from a small Belgian company that I had found at the summer BBQ display at the Colruyt. Well, I also found this far-from-artisinal jalapeno ketchup from a large multi-national, but heck, there’s room in my fridge for both!

What can I say about this? It’s ketchup with a jalapeno kick! It’s definitely not too spicy, but you can taste it. (Even the spice-averse Mr VSiB didn’t find it too spicy.) I quite like it and will probably load up on it before the end of the summer, because I’ve only ever seen it at that Colruyt display and I suspect it will disappear after BBQ season.


2 thoughts on “Heinz Jalapeno Chilli Ketchup (Colruyt)

  1. Anthony says:

    I will definitely buy this when i see this next time. I only like the Heinz tomato ketchup i don’t really like the other branded ketchups. so i know will love this spicy version. Do you know if the Heinz BBQ sauce is vegan? I have seen it multiple times (at Colruyt, Delhaize and Cora) and the ingredients seemed to be vegan but i wasn’t sure so i never bought it.

    Have you tried those other Heinz products Heinz Tomato Beans, Veg Chilli beans, Fajita Beans and Heinz Tomato Frito? I always buy them when i see them i only saw them at Delhaize.


    • sporkbill says:

      Hi Anthony,

      I’m not sure about the BBQ sauce. They have several flavors of BBQ sauce and they all contain “natural flavors” which can be plant or animal derived. I contacted them once a while ago to ask about the flavors, but never heard back from them. I suspect they are vegan (except for the ones containing honey), but I wouldn’t want to say for sure. I’ll try to contact them again and see if I hear back this time.


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