Taste of Inspirations Piri Piri Chips (Delhaize)

Taste of Inspiration Piri Piri chipsYou wouldn’t think I’d still get excited about finding accidentally-vegan, flavored, potato chips, but you’d be wrong. I’ve posted about some that I’ve found in the past, along with other accidentally-vegan salty snacks before, so I know they’re out there, but it’s still uncommon enough that most bags I pick up get put back on the shelf after a quick glance at the ingredient list. So every new vegan flavor I find is worthy of a party (if by “party” you mean me doing a little happy dance in the supermarket aisle).

Actually, in the case of these chips, all credit for finding them goes to my lovely friend and colleague Hanne, who discovered them on a trip to the Delhaize Shop & Go near our work. We devoured them in short order, and I knew I had to buy some for myself. Now, I tend to be skeptical of “spicy” products in Belgium. What some call spicy here, I’d call mild. But these chips really are pretty spicy! Despite the spice, you might find, like me, that you can mow through a bag of these pretty quickly. (Just keep water/beer on hand.)

These are from Delhaize’s house brand, so that’s where you’ll find them.

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