Veggi Filata Shredded Cheese

veggi filata cheeseI keep mentioning how many exciting new developments there are in Veganland. I keep saying it because it’s true! It almost feels like we’ve finally reached a tipping point where veganism has become mainstream enough that lots of new vegan products are popping up, and getting easier and easier to find! (Apparently, even Carrefour has started to sell a brand of vegan cheese, but I haven’t had a chance to get there yet to check it out!)

I recently ran across this new brand of vegan cheese shreds next to the Wilmersburger in the health food store, and immediately bought a pack. Regular readers of this blog know that I worship at the altar of pizza (mmmm.. pizza…), so of course, I put it to use pretty quickly. I didn’t try it cold (I had frozen it right away, as I tend to do with shreds), but melted on pizza, this stuff is great. I might even like it better than Wilmersburger. It melts really well, and this particular flavor is grated smaller, so a little goes a long way (although it freezes in clumps, which explains the clumps in my picture).

This was the only variety they had a my local store, but it looks like they have a few different flavors in both shredded and sliced form. Like I said, I found this at my local health food store, but attentive reader Wendy saw it at the Bio-Planet too!

2 thoughts on “Veggi Filata Shredded Cheese

  1. Anthony says:

    I haven’t seen them at Bio-Planet yet. Have you tried the Mozzarisella you can find at Bio-Planet? It’s one of my favorite vegan cheeses it has a really creamy salted taste the kind of reminds me of real mozzarella it’s perfect for pizzas and it’s one of the best melted vegan cheeses i have seen. It also taste good cold with tomatoes and some olive oil only the texture is weird.

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