Alpro Go On

alpro go onLots of exciting new developments seem to be happening in Veganland. Every day it seems like new vegan products are popping up left and right. Non-vegan companies (like Ben & Jerry’s and Baileys) are adding vegan products to their lines (although sadly, neither of these are yet available in Europe) and vegan companies are adding new products all the time. I recently posted about Alpro’s delicious new desserts. Alpro also has also recently started selling Go On, their version of quark!

It comes in three flavors: blackcurrant, passion fruit, and plain. So far, the stores that I’ve visited have only had the blackcurrant and passion fruit, so of course, that’s what I’ve tried. I particularly love the passion fruit flavor, but of course, you’re not here to read about the flavorings, you’re here to read about the quark itself. Well, it’s thick and creamy, and slightly sweet. I haven’t been able to taste the plain variety, so I can’t say if the sweetness just applies to the flavored ones (I tried a bit from the top before mixing in the fruit from the bottom of the cups). In any case, these are both delicious. I’m really curious to try the plain one as well, and explore the ways it can be used in baking or even in savory dishes!

Alpro Go On, should be pretty much available at any supermarket that sells name brand products. (I’m not sure about the Albert Heijn, though, because it’s not yet available in NL, apparently, and I don’t see it on their Belgian website.) I’ve seen it at Carrefour, Delhaize, and Colruyt, so it’s definitely available there!

2 thoughts on “Alpro Go On

  1. workinprogress says:

    I love your blog! Thank you so much for this! 🙂 I’m a new vegan and I find it very hard to find a lot of great stuff that is also vegan. Of course there are a lot of veggies, fruits, nuts, pasta, bread, rice,… But sometimes I notice that I just want to have something sweet for a snack that isn’t fruit or something salty. As a new vegan I find it hard sometimes to go looking for all these snacks that are also good for my lifestyle. Thanks!


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