Hobbit Lupine Pepp Burgers

hobbit lupine pepp burgerIt used to be that most companies wanting to make vegan meats tended to reach for soy or seitan. In the last few years, there’s been a new kid on the block in the form of lupine, which seems to be popping up here and there, challenging the dominance of the big boys (including in the form of “lupeh” or lupine tempeh, which I have yet to run across!) The only lupine product I’ve managed to taste so far has been the Boni Bio spread.

So I was curious to try these lupine “pepp” burgers from Hobbit. And they were really tasty! Despite the name on the package I would definitely not call them burgers. These were small, rectangular “pieces” (for lack of a better word) and don’t really match the size, shape, or consistency of a burger. They were much softer than I expected. I thought the texture would be more tofu-like, but they fell apart much easier than tofu would. The “pepp” definitely added a small kick to them, though I wouldn’t call them super hot ‘n’ spicy. I used them the same way I would pre-flavored tofu, warmed in the microwave and crumbled into couscous with veggies. They didn’t lose any of their moistness in the microwave either (which can happen with seitan based products). These are definitely going into the regular rotation.

So far, I’ve only ever seen these at health food stores.

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