Pur Beetroot Ketch’ Up

ketch up beetrootEarlier this week, I posted about the Jacquet Giant burger buns I found at the BBQ display at the Colruyt. There were actually a number of intriguing items at the same display, including this fancy-schmancy beetroot ketchup! (There were other flavors, most notably carrot, but this was the one that grabbed me!)

What vegan can resist a new (to them) vegan condiment? I certainly can’t. So I snatched this up, and immediately put it to good use. That night I made one of the best burgers of my life. I had a Garden Gourmet burger topped with a slice of Wilmersburger cheese, a generous dollop of this ketchup, and some pickles and grilled onions, all on the aforementioned Jacquet Giant buns. I don’t know why I expected this product to be a more like a beetroot relish (with a bit of pickled tang to it), but it really is sweet like a ketchup, which contrasted perfectly with the cheese, onions, and pickles!

I’ve never seen this product before, and I don’t know if it’s going to be something that Colruyt is going to continue to carry. (A wee Google search tells me it’s from a Belgian company, but seems to be sold mainly in other European countries.) So if you want to try this, or any of their flavors, get thee to a Colruyt and hit that seasonal display.


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