Jacquet “Giant” Burger Buns

Jacquet geant burger bunsJust weeks after lamenting the lack of soft, white, vegan burger buns in Belgium, and stumbling upon the accidentally-vegan Delhaize 365 buns, now I run across these Jacquet “Giant” burger buns.

Like the Delhaize buns, these are soft and perfect for toasting. But these are noticeably bigger (hence “Giant”) and are a better fit for both the Garden Gourmet burger and the Boni Veggie (frozen) burgers. The only lesser point is that there are only four to a package instead of six, so you get fewer buns for your buck.

These were being sold at a BBQ display at the Colruyt, but Jacquet is a brand name, so these should definitely be available at a variety of supermarkets.


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