Alpro Dessert Moments

alpro dessert momentsAlpro seems to be cranking out new products left and right. There’s apparently a new quark-like product (which I haven’t run across yet, but I’m keeping my eyes open) and recently, I ran across these almond and coconut Dessert Moments, which I immediately swept into my shopping cart. (According to their website, there’s also a hazelnut-chocolate flavor, but I haven’t seen that one yet.)

What can I say? These are really really good. The texture is thinner than yogurt or pudding. They’re silky smooth and very creamy. Not surprisingly, the almond ones tasted like almond and the coconut ones tasted like coconut (duh). I found myself scraping my spoon into all the crevices wanting to get every last drop out of each little container.

I found these at the Colruyt, and they’re on the Delhaize website too, but I would be surprised if they don’t start popping up at other supermarkets.


7 thoughts on “Alpro Dessert Moments

  1. Emma says:

    Hey there.

    Can you please put a note as it if they need to be refrigerated or not. Easy for tourists to make a list of vegan products to buy when they are there. We also can bring them to our country instead of chocolates.


    • sporkbill says:

      Hi Emma! Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately, these particular desserts do need to be refrigerated, but Alpro also makes pudding cups that don’t need to be refrigerated! They can usually be found near the plant milks.


  2. Min says:

    While not in Belgium (Scotland), I just tried the hazelnut chocolate version. It tastes much the same as their more common chocolate desserts so not a cause for excitement. According to the uk version of the website, the dessert moments do not yet exist. I consume a number of Alpro products and have no complaints.I was puzzled by your use of ‘pudding’ which here would normally mean a heavy sponge like food, often made with vegetable suet. I am glad this site exists even if I am in the wrong country. Best wishes.


    • sporkbill says:

      Hi Min! Thanks for your comment. I’m from the US originally, so I was using “pudding” in the American sense, which is a bit like custard. I forgot when I was writing that “pudding” has a different meaning in the UK. The pudding I know is, in fact, a lot like their other desserts, at least the ones they sell here in Belgium (I know slightly different products are sold in different countries, even within the Benelux). These Dessert Moments are a lot thinner than the other desserts of theirs that I’ve eaten. I still haven’t seen the Chocolate Hazelnut ones here. I guess I’ll have to go to the UK and try them there. 🙂


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