Kellogg’s All-Bran Fruit’n Fibre

kellogg's all-bran fruit'n fibreFinally! After years of reading cereal package ingredients I have stumbled upon a supermarket cereal brand that doesn’t contain dairy, honey, or vitamin D3!

I mean, I know you can get vegan cereals at the health food store, but these tend to be super pricey and come in fairly small packages. And I know you can also have oatmeal for breakfast (which I do quite often) but it’s kind of exciting being able to mix it up in the morning and try something new.

Now, I know that most of us as vegans are not in need of extra bran/fiber in our diet, but don’t let that stop you. This cereal is delicious, with its crunchy malty flakes, hazelnut chunks, and dried bits of banana, coconut, and raisins! My only wish would be to have fewer raisins and more banana, but I am addicted to banana chips, so of course I’d say that.

Kellogg’s is a name brand, so you should be able to find this at most supermarkets!



3 thoughts on “Kellogg’s All-Bran Fruit’n Fibre

  1. Anthony says:

    Yeah it’s hard to found them and kinda annoying. The thing i’m confuse about is cereals like the Kellogg’s CornFlakes/Frosties/Rice Krispies/… some of them have Vitamin D in them but on the package it has a small green V logo with Suitable for Vegetarians, and a Halal/Kosher logo and the ingredient doesn’t show any dairy or animal product. The only thing they don’t say on package is if it’s Vitamin D2 or D3 they use on them, but if it’s D2 doesn’t that make them Non-Vegetarians aswell then?


    • sporkbill says:

      Hi Anthony. The vitamin D that’s added to most food products is almost always D3 made from lanolin (or wool grease), unless otherwise specified (like in products or supplements made specifically for the vegan market). The thing is, because lanolin is a by-product of wool production, and the animals aren’t killed directly to produce it, it is considered suitable for vegetarians. So that’s why a lot of cereals are not vegan but are vegetarian.


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