Delhaize Instant Noodles Vegetable Flavour (Delhaize)

delhaize instant noodlesIn the world of convenience foods, it’s hard to get more convenient than instant noodles, but very few instant noodles out there are vegan. Even supposedly vegetarian noodles sometimes have animal derived e-numbers. Delhaize customer service has confirmed, however, that the disodium guanylate (E627) and disodium inosinate (E631) in this product are both made from tapioca root, meaning it’s vegan!

I was expecting these to taste like the old ramen noodle packets I used to eat as a student, but they weren’t exactly like that. The noodles were a bit chewier, and the flavor packet was less flavorful. That said, I followed the instructions on the pack, which suggested pouring boiling water on the noodles and letting them sit, rather than boiling the noodles themselves (which is how I’ve always made instant noodles). I would definitely try these again, but next time I’ll boil the noodles for a couple of minutes and also add some of my own vegetables and seasoning.

These are Delhaize’s house brand, so that’s where you’ll find these.

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