Lokumcuzade Turkish Delight (Wibra)

wibra lokumcuzade Turkish delightAnother surprise vegan snack lurking at the Wibra: Turkish Delight! As I understand it, most Turkish Delight is vegan, although some companies use gelatin, and you have to look out for carmine in the coloring, but in most cases, as is the case with this brand, it’s vegan.

If you’ve never had Turkish Delight, they’re delicious, sweet, chewy cubes made from starch and sugar, and flavored with various flavors, in this case, fruit flavors. They are dusted with powdered sugar, and have a definite addictive quality to them. Of course, if you live near a Turkish bakery, you can probably get it fresh, but if you don’t, and there’s a Wibra nearby, you don’t have to go Delightless!



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