Sondey Ocean Mix Mini Speculoos (Lidl)

lidl sondey ocean mixA lot of speculoos is vegan, but it’s not often cute. These Sondey Ocean Mix Mini Speculoos are both vegan and cute. I stumbled upon these in the Lidl and for the sake of vegankind, had to give them a try.

The bag contains a number of smaller bags filled with, you guessed it, mini speculoos that are small, round, and each with a raised image of a different sea creature. They’re nicely crispy and the speculoos spice mix seemed to be a bit heavier on the cinnamon than I’m used to from, for example, Lotus speculoos. For myself, as an adult without kids, I definitely wouldn’t go out of my way to get these. Not because they’re not good (they are) but because of the amount of packaging involved. But I suspect I’m not the main audience for small bags of mini-speculoos, and I could see these being a perfect thing to add to your kid’s lunchbox, or to give out at a kids’ party!

Sondey are one of Lidl’s house brands so that’s where you’ll find these.

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