Trader Joe’s Black and White GF Cookies (Aldi)

trader joes black and whiteOne of the joys of first going vegan is discovering that Oreos are accidentally vegan. Well, these Oreo look alikes from Aldi/Trader Joe’s are too, and they’re also gluten free! (That’s not something that concerns me, but I know a lot of people avoid gluten.)

These taste really quite similar to Oreos. If anything, the biscuit is slightly crumblier, and I found they have a slight edge of bitterness to them. Also, they don’t pry apart as easily as Oreos. But in the absence of Oreos, they’re a pretty decent substitute.

I’m not 100% sure that these are part of Aldi’s permanent product selection, or a recurring special, but I’ve bumped into them often enough to know that if they’re not a regular product they are there relatively frequently.

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