Delhaize Veggie Kitchen Tzay (Delhaize)

delhaize veggie kitchen tzayIt seems like the Delhaize just keeps getting more and more vegan friendly. They’ve got a bunch of products from Greenway (both Greenway brand products and ones made specially for Delhaize by Greenway), I always have the most luck finding the vegan Garden Gourmet products there, and recently I stumbled upon Tzay. To me, there’s somewhat of an air of mystery about this product. I’ve seen references to it being originally (and possibly still) made by Thai monks, but when I read descriptions of the Thai product, it’s referred to as being a sort of smoked tofu, which this clearly isn’t. My google search also brings up lots of Swedish pages, and the only Wikipedia entry (also in Swedish) seems to indicate that Tzay is a Swedish brand of vegan and vegetarian products. Where ever they come from, they’re delicious! (Warning: The Tzay natural flavor is vegan. The Tzay with BBQ sauce contains honey!) I bought them a few weeks back to try out as part of a vegan Gourmet evening for Valentine’s day with Mr. VSiB. They’ve got a meaty texture somewhat reminiscent of the Vegetarian Butcher Chicken Pieces but there’s also a slight sweetness to them. On the Delhaize website, they’re described as being somewhere between the flavors of chicken and pork. I can’t speak to that, as it’s been so many years since I’ve tasted pork (and I never really ate it much to begin with) that I can’t compare. They’re a bit pricey, but would lend themselves nicely to applications like grilling on skewers or in chunky stews.

These are from Delhaize’s home Veggie Kitchen line, so that’s where you’ll find these.




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