Lima Soups

lima soupsSome days, even mixing instant soup with water is too much effort. 😛 On days like that, there’s nothing like opening up a tetra pack of soup and warming it up. These bricks from the Belgian natural food company Lima contain delicious, ready made soup that just needs to be heated up in a pan for a few minutes. I’ve even warmed it up in the microwave (not recommended on the packaging, but it turns out just fine).

There are a number of flavors available, but I’ve only tried the two pictured here (the creamy broccoli with buckwheat and tamari, and the creamy tomato with buckwheat and tamari). I particularly enjoyed the tomato soup, which reminded me of the tomato soup they used to serve at summer camp. It would be a great accompaniment to a nice grilled Wilmersburger sandwich!

Lima products are sold in most health food stores, and Bio-Planet, and I’ve also seen a small selection of these soups at the Colruyt!

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