Donkers Choco Bananas (Wibra)

wibra donkers choco banaanWibra is not the first place I’d think of going to get vegan goodies, so I was surprised to discover they have a few gems hiding near the register, including these Donkers Choco Banana candies.

I had expected them to be kind of like what the Dutch call “schuimpjes“. (I have no idea what the English word for this would be, but Americans might know the type of candy I mean if I compare them to Circus Peanuts – marshmallow like, but firmer.)

These are actually more jelly like, with a lovely, crunch of chocolate at the bottom. Mr. VSiB wasn’t that crazy about them, but I like all things banana-flavored, especially when chocolate is also involved. I wouldn’t go out of my way to go to the Wibra to get these, but if I happen to be there, I’ll definitely get them again!

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