Tofutti Creamy Smooth

tofutti cream cheese herbs and chiveThis here is some old school vegan. Tofutti cream cheese has been around for years, and to be honest, has never been one of my favorite spreadable vegan cheeses. That said, it’s the most easily accessible brand around (it’s even available at the health food store in the small town where I live), and I had until now only really tried the plain flavor, which to me was a little “beany”. I was craving a bagel with cream cheese, so I recently decided to give their Herbs & Chives flavor a go. I don’t know if my tastes have changed (I first tried Tofutti when I had just recently gone vegan) or if I just like this flavor better than the plain, but I definitely enjoyed this and will definitely buy it again. It was particularly yummy on a toasted bagel with slices of avocado and some white pepper. I’d buy the plain again too, but probably to make a cheesecake or to mix with other flavors.

You’re most likely to find this at your local health food store, or possibly a vegan specialty store.

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