Delhaize Basilico and Arrabbiata Sauces (Delhaize)

delhaize basilico and arrabiataAny regular reader of this blog will know I love pizza. I’ve posted about several ready-made crusts, including both thick and thin crusted roll-out dough from Herta. When I first started using them, I’d make a batch of garlicky tomato sauce to spread on the dough, but I could never use up the whole batch before it started to go bad. I’m not a fan of plain tomato paste on pizza and I do like it saucy. These little jars (120 grams each) of tomato sauce from Delhaize are the PERFECT size to spread out on one pizza! I’m particularly fond of the Arrrabbiata because it gives it a bit of a spicy bite, which I like.

Of course, they’d also be good for a single serving of pasta, but I just keep using them on pizza. Mmmm… pizza….

These are Delhaize house brand, so that’s where you’ll find them.

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