Coyo Coconut Yogurt (Albert Heijn)

coyoA while back, I posted about my first experience trying coconut yogurt. And unfortunately, after that first experience, I’ve had a hard time finding coconut yogurt again. (The health food store in my town hasn’t restocked them since then.) So I was excited to stumble upon these Coyo yogurts at the Albert Heijn. I was curious how they would compare to the yogurt I had tried before.

Like the, they were really thick, much thicker than the soy yogurt I’m used to. Again, they reminded me of quark. One difference though, is these were flavored. (They also make a natural flavor, but I had limited bag space, so decided to just get the flavored ones.) I really really liked the vanilla. For some reason, the mango flavor tasted a bit bitter to me. I don’t know if I just got an off batch, or if that’s just what their mango flavoring tastes like. I would definitely buy this again, particularly the vanilla, but because they’re a bit pricier than yogurts like Alpro, I’d keep it to an occasional treat.

So far in Belgium, I’ve only ever seen these at the Albert Heijn.


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