Knorr Soup Idee Vegetable and Tomato Vegetable

knorr soup ideeI stumbled upon these a while ago on special at the Lidl. I’d never really tried this kind of soup mixes before, and have never had a lot of luck finding pre-made soups that were actually vegan. These appear to be entirely vegan! The only potentially non-vegan ingredient I could see was “aroma” but both of these flavors have the certification mark of the European Vegetarian Union on them, so they’re guaranteed to not be from meat! (And if they contained egg or milk, this would have to be indicated in the allergy information.)

These are ok. Not too exciting, but certainly easy to make, and a good accompaniment to a sandwich to make it feel more like a meal. Both Mr. VSiB and I liked the Tomato soup better than the Vegetable flavor. They’re a bit like a slightly better version of cup-a-soup or bouillon. I haven’t tried adding them to a home-made soup, but I can imagine this would be a quick way to add a bit of oomph instead of a bouillon cube.

I found these at the Lidl, but they should be available at any supermarket that sells name-brand products.

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