Palazzo Tomato Sauce with Grilled Vegetables (Aldi)

palazzo grilled veggie sauceI’ve posted in the past about Aldi’s convenient Palazzo Sauce for Bolognese. In the same line, I’ve found yet another vegan sauce to make your life easier, Palazzo sauce with grilled vegetables!

I used this the other day with the newly vegan Garden Gourmet meatballs over pasta. These jars are smaller than the jars of sauce for Bolognese, so I added a splash of wine to stretch it a bit. This is really nicely flavored sauce with little chunks of grilled veggies (mainly peppers and courgette) in it, although it’s nowhere near as chunky as the picture on the label would lead you to believe. I definitely would consider this a worthy addition to products that belong in my lazy, weeknight meal rotation.

Palazzo is made specifically for Aldi, so that’s where you’ll find this.

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