Garden Gourmet Vegan Meatballs, Burgers, and Nuggets

garden gourmet balletjesUpdate: It looks like these products are not vegan anymore. Garden Gourmet/Tivall has started adding egg to them again. (It may be that the burger is still vegan, but check the ingredients to be sure.) If you are as disappointed by this development as I am, please consider contacting the company and letting them know.

Great news! Garden Gourmet has introduced three new vegan products! Up until now, only the Lentil Burger and Couscous Burger have been vegan (and I have yet to find the Couscous Burgers). When I was vegetarian and living in The Netherlands, I used to love Tivall meatballs, which according to their website come from the same company. Unfortunately, they have always contained eggs up until now, and I have really missed them since going vegan.

The three new products I ran across recently include these little meatballs, along with burgers and nuggets. So far I’ve only tried the meatballs, and I was thrilled to discover that they taste exactly as they did when I used to eat them years ago!! I had to double check the ingredients just to be sure I hadn’t misread, but not an egg in sight! And they’ve made it easy by indicating that the products are vegan on the front of the package. (Be careful, though, because the “V” mark they use for their vegetarian products looks very much like the one they use for their vegan products. Make sure it actually says “vegan” on the logo.)

garden gourmet nuggetsgarden gourmet burgerI found these three products at one of the larger Delhaize stores, but Garden Gourmet products should be available at most supermarkets.

2 thoughts on “Garden Gourmet Vegan Meatballs, Burgers, and Nuggets

  1. Anthony says:

    I never seen those yet, the only Garden Gourmet vegan ones i saw were the Lentil Burgers. I also like the Corn Burger (Burger de Mais/Maisburger) from the Delhaize brand.


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