Vantastic Foods Knoepfle Vegan Spaetzle

vantastic foods spatzleUntil recently, I had never had spaetzle, but I had heard about it in movies and read about it in books and was always really curious. So, of course, when I saw that Vanatastic Foods made a vegan spaetzle, I couldn’t resist. I’ve never met a pasta or dumpling that I didn’t like, so I was pretty sure I’d like these, and boy was I right!

I wasn’t sure at first what to prepare this with, so I took to Facebook and asked my friends (both vegan and not vegan) how one prepares spaetzle and got a good idea of the types of flavor profiles that would work well. In the end, I briefly boiled them, and then pan-fried them in olive oil with onions, bacon blocks from the Vegetarian Butcher, Wilmersburger pizza shreds, and a pinch of sweet paprika. Oh. My. God. Sooooo goooood!  (My mouth is watering just writing down the description right now.)

I have yet to find these in a store in Belgium, but they are available to order from Boutique Vegan in Germany. I will definitely be ordering them again, and multiple packages at once. (I suspect they would freeze ok.)

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