Vegetarian Butcher Bacon Cubes (Delhaize)

vegetarische slager spek(Note: This post is about the product called “Vegetarische Bacon/Lard Végétarien”. The Vegetarian Butcher also makes a product they call “Gerookte Spek” that is NOT vegan, so do keep an eye out. The vegan ones are more cube-like rather than strips and are marked “vegan” on the front of the package!) This is another amazingly realistic product from the Vegetarian Butcher. Maybe not as frighteningly realistic as their chicken pieces, but pretty darned close. A lot of vegan bacons get the smokiness right, but not the texture. But this one gets the texture pretty spot on. These little cubes of vegetable protein stay fatty and chewy when you fry them up, and work great in things like a vegan carbonara, pea soup, and even in warm salads with Sheese. They’d pretty much work in any recipe that would normally ask for bacon (cube style, not rasher style).

So far, the only place in Belgium that sells products from the Vegetarian Butcher is Delhaize, so that’s where you’ll find these.




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