Delacre Café Noir Cookies

delacre cafe noirWhen I would visit my grandparents in the Netherlands as a kid, there were a few foods I looked forward to eating every time. Café Noir cookies were one of those foods. I was in love with these crunchy biscuits coated on one side with a sweet, coffee-flavored layer. So I was saddened to discover later in life that these delicious cookies I remembered so fondly from my youth contained gelatin.

Then, recently, some Dutch vegan friends came to visit me and brought a box of Verkade Café Noirs, announcing that the gelatin had recently been removed and that they were now vegan! WHOOHOO! I’ve already mentioned that I suspect that many of the Verkade and Delacre cookies come from the same factory, so I was curious if the Delacre Café Noir were also now vegan, and soon after that, a reader mentioned having found a vegan version from Delacre. I have since found packages that still contained gelatin (particularly the old packaging with the larger cookies), so do read ingredients because there are still ones with the old recipe in circulation, but I finally stumbled upon this new packaging with smaller cookies inside and they are indeed vegan!

Delacre is a name brand and should be available at most supermarkets. I found this package at a small Delhaize Shop & Go.

2 thoughts on “Delacre Café Noir Cookies

  1. THOMAS says:

    I’m not sure, though, one of the ingredients is caramel, which often is not vegan, so it is possible it is made with dairy.


    • sporkbill says:

      Hi Thomas. Some caramel candies are made with dairy, but the ingredient in question is not caramel, but caramel coloring, which is pretty much always vegan. If there was dairy in it, according to EU regulations, they would legally have to mention that on the packaging by printing that in bold next to the specific ingredient.


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