Veggie Kitchen Asian Rice Balls (Delhaize)

UPDATE: I’ve heard back from Delhaize about the confusing message on their packaging that this product is not 100% plant-based, and they assure me that this is totally vegan and that the situation was caused by a printing mistake. They apologize for the confusion. So yay! These are vegan! Delhaize veggie kitchen Asian Rijstballetjes

I ran into these little rice balls in the veggie meat section at one of the larger Delhaize supermarkets. (Beware! The Mexican balls in the same line look very similar, but are NOT vegan!)  I wasn’t quite sure whether they were intended as little appetizers, or as a meal ingredient, so I basically just fried them up in a pan with some green beans and some improvised stir fry sauce (garlic, ginger, soy sauce, mirin, lemon juice, agave, and some sesame oil) and served them tossed with noodles.

My first impression: hmmm… interesting. Not quite what I expect from a meat analogue, so my guess is that they’re probably not intended as such. They have a nice bite, and combined with veggies will probably fill you up. But the taste is… a bit… I don’t know, starchy?

I will probably buy these to try again, and maybe prepare them differently. I think they would work nicely as a deep-fried appetizer dipped in a sweet chili sauce. They are yet another great example of how nicely the selection of vegan options at the Delhaize is expanding.

These are Delhaize’s home brand, so that’s the only place you’ll find them.


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