Tartex Pâté and Pâté Creams

tartex other patesI wrote a while back about Tartex Vegan Pâtés, yeast-based pâtés in a bunch of different flavors, sold in little metal containers or in cans. Just one shelf down at the health food store, I found these Tartex Pâtés in a white plastic container, and was curious how they would be different.

There seem to be two different style of pâtés sold in these containers: ones that are similar to the previously written about pâtés and ones that are actually pâté creams. The pâtés (Grilled Aubergine flavor, Chantarelle flavor, and Porcini & Cranberry flavors) are more yeast based and have a more solid texture. They’re recognizable by the orange edge on the sealing foil. The pâté creams (Rocket & Mustard, Sun-dried Tomato & Vadouvan, and Basil favors), recognizable by the green edge on the foil, are based on sunflower seeds and are a much softer texture! I was actually blown away by these. They are really luscious and creamy! I was especially taken by the Rocket & Mustard and Sun-dried Tomato & Vadouvan flavors and they have gone into my regular bread spread rotation.

I’ve seen these at many health-food stores, and they also seem to be available at the Bio-Planet.

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