Boni Pizza Base with Tomato Sauce (Colruyt)

boni pizza bodemI know I’ve mentioned how much I love pizza before on my blog. And I’ve posted about two accidentally-vegan, roll-out, ready-to-bake pizza doughs from Herta both of which made me very happy, because, well, easy pizza. So imagine how happy this product makes me. Discovered in the Colruyt fresh-food department, this ready-to-use pizza base is even easier than the Herta ones, and because it’s pre-baked, you don’t have to worry about the crust not baking all the way through. It’s already got pre-seasoned tomato sauce on it, which is another time-saving feature. All you have to do with this is preheat the oven, toss some toppings on your base, bake for 8-10 minutes and eat. They come two to a pack, so it’s easy to share and mix and match!

Boni is the house brand from the Colruyt, and you should find these in the fresh food (refrigerated) section.

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