Follow Your Heart Vegenaise

follow your heart vegenaiseI’ve posted about the Magic Belgian Veganaise before. You’d think that with how much I love that stuff that I wouldn’t have eyes for other veganaise, but really, I never turn down the opportunity to try a new (to me) brand. I’d heard many many good things about Follow Your Heart Vegenaise from the US, but had never managed to get a hold of any. Well, I got a hold of some at VegAnne’s in Brussels, and I’m so glad I did!

I definitely understand why people in the US rave about this stuff and even why some non-vegans prefer it to regular mayo. It just tastes really good. It’s hard to compare it to Belgian Veganaise. Texture-wise, it’s thicker and has a bit more structure (for lack of a better word) than its somewhat more fluid Belgian cousin. It’s definitely not sweet (one of the things I don’t like in a lot of vegan mayos) but it has an ever so slightly sweeter edge to it. Not surprisingly, it reminds me more of American style mayo than any mayo I’ve had in Europe. If I had easy access to it, (i.e. lived closer to VegAnne’s), I’d definitely be using it more often (probably switching it off with the magic Belgian stuff).

VegAnne’s is the only place I’ve seen this in Belgium so far.

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