Hema Dark Chocolate Letters (Hema)

hema pure chocolate letterGrowing up in the US, my Dutch grandfather used to send us a package filled with goodies this time of year, and the ones I would get most excited about were the chocolate letters for my sister and me. Sinterklaas/Saint-Nicolas just wouldn’t be the same without chocolate letters. Hema makes a pretty decent vegan dark chocolate (their dark chocolate pretzels are really yummy) and indeed, their dark chocolate letters are also vegan!

With a minimum of 48% cocoa solids, Hema’s dark chocolate is more on the sweet end of the spectrum than the bitter end like some dark chocolates with a higher percentage. It also has a smoother texture than some dark chocolates that can be a bit crumbly or grainy.

These are, of course, only available at the Hema.

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