Marzipan potatoes

marzipan krieltje dueLooking for another vegan goody for the upcoming celebration of Saint-Nicolas/Sinterklaas? Marzipan potatoes are generally a pretty safe bet. A lot of other marzipan objects (like a lot of brands of marzipan fruit) contain E120 – cochineal/carmine – as a colorant, but these potatoes seem to be mainly colored with cocoa powder, making them vegan friendly! The ones I bought were Hema brand (pictured on the left) and Schluckwerder brand from Germany (on the right), bought at the Colruyt.

If you’ve never had these little nuggets of almondy goodness, beware! They are oddly addictive. Comparing the two brands, the tastes are very, very similar, but Schluckwerder brand are a bit softer and smoother, while the Hema ones are a bit firmer and ever so slightly grainier. Even though the bag is smaller, per gram, the Schluckwerder ones are a bit cheaper, but they also contain a slightly lower percentage of almond (27% compared to the 32,5% in the Hema ones). If I had to choose one over the other, I’d go for the Schluckwerder ones, although to be honest, I wouldn’t refuse either, and will definitely  have no problem whatsoever finishing both bags (with the help of Mr. VSiB, if I can stop myself before he gets to taste them).

The Hema brand marzipan potatoes can be found at the Hema, of course, while Schluckwerder is a brand name, so can probably found at a number of supermarkets.



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