Wiloco Chocolate Saints

wiloco sintsSaint-Nicolas/Sinterklaas is coming and that means it’s time for chocolate! Specifically chocolates in the shape of the Saint himself. But even a lot of dark chocolate figures aren’t vegan, so what’s a Saint-loving vegan to do?

Wiloco vegan chocolate Saints are made by the Belgian chocolatier, Montserrat. They are made with coconut sugar which means they’re a little less sweet than a chocolate made with beet or cane sugar, or rather… they’re a different kind of sweet. It’s hard to exactly put your finger on how, exactly.

Rather than “dark”, “milk”, and “white” chocolate, the Wiloco variations are named “tropical black”, “tropical brown”, and “tropical white”, but based on the cocoa percentage in each, they can be compared to the traditional categories. I found the “tropical black” a bit grainy (there’s certainly better vegan dark chocolate out there) but the “tropical brown” and “tropical white” are both quite good!

You won’t find these in regular supermarkets, but you can order them from the Veganistisch Koken webshop and it looks like they sell them at Bio-Planet.

2 thoughts on “Wiloco Chocolate Saints

  1. Martine says:

    Nice! Good to know you liked these. I saw someone on facebook post about vegan dark chocolate Sinterklazen at Lidl in Belgium. I don’t know if you have access to a Lidl, but maybe it’s worthwile to check it out? My chocolate saint needs are sort of satisfied now that I have the minty After Eight Santa-Clauses from Action.

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    • sporkbill says:

      I do have access to a Lidl but it’s not close enough for an easy trip, so probably won’t get there before Sinterklaas. Same for the Action (which is pretty much next door to the Lidl) otherwise I’d definitely check out the minty Sints! I did just swing by the Hema for a chocolate letter and some marzipan krieltjes!


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