Patak’s Rogan Josh

patak's rogan joshI love anything that tastes good and makes my life easier, so ready-made, accidentally-vegan sauce in a jar ranks high on my list of things I love. And you can add this Rogan Josh curry sauce to my list.

I couldn’t tell you how authentic this is, but Patak’s Rogan Josh is a somewhat sweet, somewhat spicy, very aromatic, tomato-based sauce that is ready to use. I first sauteed some Greenway Chick’ Pieces and some cauliflower in a pan, and then added this sauce, cooking it all together for a few minutes and then serving it over Basmati rice. I can also report that the left-overs heat up well the next day in the microwave.

I got this at the Delhaize but I’ve seen Patak’s products both in the international section of many supermarkets and in Asian groceries. But do beware! It looks like they use different recipes for each dish in different countries, so make sure the one you pick up doesn’t have yogurt in it!

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