Delhaize Veggie Gyros (Delhaize)

delhaize veggie kitchen gyrosDelhaize really is one of the best Belgian supermarkets as far as meat analogues go. (Although, the vegan items in the  Boni Veggie freezer selection are pretty hard to beat too!) I noticed recently on the Greenway website that in addition to Delhaize selling Greenway’s products, it looked like Greenway is also making products specifically for Delhaize.

These Veggie Gyros seem to be one of those products. This is a seitan-based product that’s already spiced and sauced and ready for use. In addition to the tender seitan bits, this contains sauteed onions, and red, green, and yellow peppers in a savory tomato-based sauce.

I’ve used it two ways so far: I made a gyros pizza with Wilmersburger shreds, topped with the gyros and green beans, and I also used it with veggies over couscous, and it worked well in both applications. I still have some left (there’s quite a lot in the package) so maybe I’ll even try to make a “traditional” gyros with pita and fresh veggies one of these days.

I haven’t seen these in my small, local Delhaize but they were available at the big Delhaize on the Anspach in Brussels, and I suspect they can be found in most larger Delhaize stores.

[Note: An attentive reader was asking about the source of E635 in this, as it’s an ingredient that can be animal based. I’ve communicated with both Greenway and Delhaize about the origin of their E635 in this product and they have both assured me that it is indeed plant based.]

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