Harry’s American Sandwich Bread

harry's white sandwich breadFinding bread as a vegan is not that hard. Finding white, supermarket bread as a vegan is a whole ‘nother story. I do love a nice, grainy bread from the health food store or organic bakery, and you can even find more “natural” brands in the supermarket that are free of suspect emulsifiers and processing agents (like e471 and l-cysteine). But sometimes you just want a soft, white bread for making an old fashioned grilled cheese or Tofurky bologna, ketchup and mayo sandwich, and those are usually made with non-specified emulsifiers, and specified dairy.

Harry’s American Sandwich bread is not only vegan, but it is the closest I’ve come to the soft, white, supermarket bread I remember from my youth in the US. I’ve used it mainly toasted (a result of the fact that I tend to freeze bread) and it’s perfect for things like a BLT (where the “B” is actually the above-mentioned Tofurky bologna).

harry's breadIt also comes in a whole wheat version, which is also vegan. Both of these products are palm-oil free.

I found these in the prepackaged bread section of the Delhaize, but a quick online search seems to indicate that Harry’s products can also be found at the Carrefour.

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