Delhaize Wok-It Sauces (Delhaize)

delhaize wok sauzenI stumbled across these little containers of wok sauces in the fresh food section of the Delhaize recently, and flipped open the top flaps to read the ingredients out of curiosity. As with the Indian and Thai snack packs from their freezer section, I was absolutely not expecting these to be vegan, but they all seem to be.

They come in four flavors that I’ve found. The ones pictured here are Japanese, Thai, and “Oriental” (which, oddly, contains more ingredients I associate with North African cuisine, like Ras el hanout, than with anything eastern implied by the name). There’s also a Chinese flavor which didn’t make it into the picture. None of these sauces tasted anything like I expected them to. They contain an odd mix of ingredients that likely would never be combined in the cuisines they are trying to emulate. I wouldn’t say they were bad, per se, but they all are quite strongly flavored and none of them really hit a flavor profile I really associate with their given cuisines. They are incredibly convenient, though; you just stir fry your ingredients and add the sauce at the end. That said, the sauces I make with my own stir fries come together pretty quickly too. I might buy these again and play with them a bit. And you might like them as they are right out of the package!

As the name suggests, these are from Delhaize’s house brand, so that’s where you’ll find these.

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