Heeni Vegan Honey

ausserperskolerhof heeniLast week, I wrote about how it took me some time to give up honey and switch to agave syrup when I was starting to go vegan. So I was extremely intrigued to try this vegan “honey” from South Tyrol. The ingredients are simple: corn syrup and dandelion extract, so I was curious how it would compare to my memories of honey, and if it would taste more honey-like than agave.

Well that it certainly does! It’s a pretty close replication of the whole honey experience. The color, the texture and the flavor all come really close to what I remember honey to be like. It’s got that sticky, drizzley, drip-from-the-spoon thickness and that somewhat “gamey”, polleny flavor of honey.

And here’s the weird thing: I used to love that flavor. I was a honey snob, collecting different kinds, and savoring them all. But believe it or not, I’ve actually grown to prefer the “cleaner” (for lack of a better word) flavor of agave. Funny how tastes change over time! Anyway, if you still miss the complex flavor of honey, give this stuff a try! It’s the closest to honey I’ve tasted in over five years.

I got this on the Veganistisch Koken webshop, but I wouldn’t be too surprised if this was available at other vegan specialty shops or health food stores.

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