Mister Choc Banana-Choc (Lidl)

mister choc bananas lidlDiscovering that chocolate covered orange jellies (like the Swing orange slices from Aldi) tend to be vegan, I’ve been keeping my eye out for more of this type of candy. And I recently scored these chocolate-covered banana jellies from the Lidl!

The opinions are divided in the VSiB house about these. Mr. VSiB was really not taken with them. He didn’t like the bite of them, and wasn’t really crazy about the taste of the filling. While I find them not quite as addictive as the orange flavored confectionery, I still quite liked these and would happily eat all of his share! I will agree that the bite is somewhat different than the orange slices, probably due to agar-agar being used instead of pectin as a gelling agent, but I didn’t find that objectionable. And I do love the chocolate/banana combo.

Mister Choc seems to be a house brand of the Lidl, so that’s where you’ll find these.

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