Wilmersburger Ravioli and Tortellini

wilmersburger pastaOne of the things I pretty much gave up on ever buying again after going vegan was store-bought, filled pastas. But it truly is getting easier and easier to go vegan, and the times, they are a-changing! Having conquered the world of vegan cheeses (at least in Europe), the good folks at Wilmersburger have gone a step further and created ravioli and tortellini filled with their famous cheese.

I really like these, but will say that the flavor of the cheese in the pasta is fairly subtle. They do fill that savory filled pasta craving. These are more of a hard pasta than a fresh one, so the cooking time is more on par with hard pasta (10ish minutes). Still, with a nice jar of pesto, and some broccoli, they make for a quick, satisfying, warm meal.

I’ve only seen these in vegan specialty stores and online, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they were also available at larger health food stores.

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